March Haul



If my readers are anything like me, I’m in love with shopping and reading other people’s hauls!!
So I’m jetting off on my holidays soon so I can’t help but start picking up some summer pieces now!

I’m so far loving the summer trends, I’m really into the bohemian style tops with bell sleeves and sandals which are laced the whole way up your leg.

In forever 21 :

I love white in the summer so I just had to pick up this white denim a-line button up skirt.
It’s just the most perfect shape and I love the feel of the material. I love the silver buttons too!
I wanted the white because it would go with so many outfits!



I got this gorgeous white bell sleeved top which ties in the front. I love the shape and cut of this top but I wish the material in the front of the top was a little bit thicker because it’s pretty see through.


I also picked up this bangle bracelet with a large stone in it, it’s to big for my wrist so I’m wearing it higher up my arm.
I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and it would go with any outfit because of the colouring in the stone.




I seen these rings and just could not leave them!!! They were so cute literally!
I love the rings that can fit on the tops of your fingers. The rings for the tops of the fingers are diamond in crusted the whole way around. The bottom one’s are 3 diamonds and then an open styled ring.



In River Island:

I fell in love instantly when I seen this black, cut out mesh body con suit.
It’s so perfect for wearing with trousers or a skirt for both day and night wear!



In Primark or as the Irish call it “Penny’s” 

I’m loving khaki colours at the moment so I just had to pick up this khaki bikini.
I love the shape of the bikini and feel I feel it looks very expensive. You could do a little bit of home DIY if you wanted and add some jewels to it to make it a little bit different.








I’m loving the trend of caps lately so I just had to pick up a cap which is perfect for me because I suffer from migraines and it will be perfect for me sitting in the sun!
It is just a plain cap with a good sized peak and it also comes with a Velcro tab at the back so you can adjust it to your head size.
I picked it up in navy and white.




I was just walking around some of the more affordable makeup counters when a few things caught my eye.


I just had to pick up the Max Factor Excess Shimmer cream eyeshadows.
I was looking at the shade “copper” and fell in love immediately.
It was so pigmented and creamy gorgeous for a pop of colour on the lid.
I got 3 cream shimmer pots in the shades “Copper” which is shade 20, ” Crystal” which is shade 05 and “Bronze” shade 25.




I went to the No7 beauty counter, one of my favourite counters ever! I had to pick up two new stick concealers in the shade warm and cool rose.
These are the perfect shade for when I’m fake tanned. They cover any little blemish I have. They are also so handy to throw into your bag.



I also picked up my favourite moisturiser for my body which is the Vaseline Aloe Fresh hydrating moisturiser. I am absolutely in love with the smell it’s so fresh and the smell doesn’t disappear it lasts for ages!!
The cream is so hydrating on my skin because I am slightly dry. You have to try it!!

I also picked up my favourite fake tan White to Brown , it is a salon tan but it can be found in few pharmacy’s.
This is the best tan I have ever used. It is a cream formula which comes with a guide colour so I can see exactly what I am doing. I apply it using a mitt from Wow Brown (my favourite mitt) putting it anywhere I want. White to Brown has a gorgeous smell and it develops quickly.
It is not a patchy tan and it doesn’t wash off quickly it lasts about 5 days and your still left with a colour no matter how hard you scrub. TRY WHITE TO BROWN you will not regret it!!!




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My favourite YouTube Beauty Vloggers


I could spend every day of my life watching YouTube personalities and I would never become bored!!

Everyone on YouTube has something different to offer. You have a different range of personalities and a different sense of style in each.
You could give each of the vloggers the exact same makeup palette and each personality would come up with a completely different look!! That’s one of the many reasons why I love to watch YouTube because it is so creative.

YouTube personality’s taught me so many different tips and tricks in the beauty world but not only that, they also tell you experiences they have encountered in life such as breakups, family split ups or even bullying. I feel each personality can discuss something that is relatable to you and you can see their perspective on it.



  • Jaclyn Hill 
  • Kathleen Lights 
  • Lauren Curtis 
  • LusterLux 
  • Desi Perkins 
  • Nicole Guerriero 
  • Shani Grimmond 
  • Shaaanxo 
  • Rahnee Bransby 
  • Tati 
  • Chloe Morello 
  • Chloe Boucher 
  • Jayde Pierce 
  • Carli Bybel 
  • Camilla Frederikke


Why do I like these vloggers?

I absolutely L O V E positive people who can brighten up my day.
These vloggers lift my mood instantly and just become creative instantly.
Each of the 15 vloggers I have listed are creative in so many different ways.
They each have different backgrounds and a different take on style.

Want to become a vlogger?

My answer is WHY NOT.
Why let people intimidate your choice just because you want to start something which is different.
Don’t let people influence your choice. Don’t be scared of what they think.
I know that its hard not to let people get to you, but try think of the bigger picture.

Becoming a YouTube vlogger is amazing in my opinion. The world of blogging or blogging can lead you into so many jobs, it can become a career and it gives you somewhere to express yourself.

Burnt Orange Eyes with Winged Eyeliner.


Burnt Orange Eyes with Winged Eyeliner.
Featuring the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette and Inglot Shadows.


Hi everyone, today I’m going to be discussing my favourite makeup look.

It’s “Burnt Orange eyes with Winged Eyeliner”, this is my go to look when I am going out on a date or on a night out.

You can make this look day time appropriate by not adding lashes or glitter on the lid and going with a nude lip like I did.
To make this look more appropriate for night time I recommend using wispy lashes and a deep lip.


Recreating my look

  • I start by prepping my skin by cleansing using my Angels on Bare Skin by Lush. This will cleanse my skin and remove any excess dirt giving me a clean, fresh base to work with.

    I get a pea sized amount of this cleanser and place it in the palm of my hand then I add some warm water and press it into the pea sized amount. This will make the cleanser break down into milk and cleansing particles. I then apply this to my face and rub in circular motions.
    After I cleanse my face I splash cold water on my skin to close the pores.

  • I then use my No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal to Dry skin. I apply this all over my skin.
  • For prepping my skin before I add my foundation I used my Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, I apply it on my skin using clean fingers.
  • I then use my No7 Skin Illuminator in the shade “Peach”. I push the product out of the tube and instead of using the brush applicator I apply it on my finger then rub it all over my face to give myself a glow.
  • I then start my eyes. I begin to prep my eyes by applying a concealer all over my eye area to prep them. I tend to use my NYX HD Concealer in the shade 02. This will remove any discolouration and veins I have and it will also provide me with a clean base for my eyeshadows.
    To set my concealer I apply any powder over it, this will set this concealer so the eyeshadows will then blend seamlessly.
  • I then comb through my eyebrows and apply my Smashbox Brow Tech in “Brunette”.
    After I fill in my brows I then apply some concealer underneath so they look clean cut.
  • I apply a transition shade to my eyes. By doing this it will make other colours pop and blend more easily.
    I use a colour which is like a skin tone shade you could use a shadow like a “Peach Smoothie” by Makeup Geek Cosmetics, I tend to use “Framed” which is by Urban Decay and it’s in the Vice 4 Palette.
    I get “framed” on a fluffy blending brush and I apply it in my crease.


  • After my transition shade I then start working on defining my crease by using the shade “Bitter” and working this almost in wind shield wiper motions and then with whatever is left on the brush I then switch from wind shield wiper motions to circular motions.
    I’ll continue to add colour until I get the perfect shade.
  • Then I use the shade “335” from Inglot it’s a Freedom Eye Shadow and focus this on the corner of my eyes and slightly blend it into the crease.
  • I then apply my lid colour which has sparkles in it this can lead to fall out so I like to apply it before I apply my foundation.
    I applied the shade “Flame” from the Vice Palette. This is a gorgeous iridescent shade. In different light it shines different colours. It has gold and yellow pigments inside.
    I feel this shadow applies best by pressing it in to my lid using my fingertips.
    The colour payoff is amazing by doing this way!
  • As I already applied concealer underneath my eyebrows it ensures me I have a clean base to work with so I apply my brow bone colour I go back and use the shade “Framed” and then will apply a highlighter later.
  • Now it’s time to apply my foundation. I use my No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in the shade “Wheat”.
    I apply this foundation, by firstly putting dots around my face 3-4 small dots on my cheek area, 3 on my forehead, 1 on my chin and 1 on my nose. If I feel I need more later on I will dot some more on.
    After dotting my foundation in the desired area’s I then go in with a Blank Canvas F20 brush, and pat and dab the foundation in my skin, I feel this technique works best for me as it makes the foundation blend easier, it looks more natural and provides the foundation with longer staying power. I like to blend my foundation down my neck so everywhere has a nice finish and is all the same colour.
  • I then use a concealer to brighten up my under eye area.
    I like to use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealerin the shade “Light” and the NYX HD Concealer in the shade 02, I mix these together to create the right shade.
    I apply this concealer underneath my area by drawing lines, then to even out this light colour so it’s not just in one place I draw a line on my chin, bridge of my nose and on my forehead. This evens out the lightness and provides your skin with a highlighted look.
    I dab my under eye concealer in with my warm clean fingertips as I find it applies the best this way.
    I then set my under eye area and the other areas we have highlighted ONLY with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in “translucent“.
  • I then go back to my eyes and apply my wing.
    I use the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Liner and wing it out.
  • I then apply “Bitter” again underneath my lower lash line keeping it quite close. Then I lightly apply my Inglot shadow again over bitter.
  • I then use my Mineralize Multi Effect Lashby MAC in “charged black” on my top and bottom lashes.
    You can apply lashes if you want. When I apply eyelashes to this look I use the Ardell Demi Wispies.
  • I highlight my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye using my highlighter from Smashbox called Soft Light’s.
  • I then bronze my skin using a Mac 135 Large Flat Powder Brush and my No7 Dual Bronzer. I focus on my cheek bones and along my hair line, making sure I’m not bringing my bronzer too far down.
    With whatever is left on my brush I tend to bring it under my jaw line for more definition.
  • For blush I use Mac Margin Blush as it’s a bronze toned blush.
  • I use my Smashbox Soft Lights Highlighter on my cheek bones, nose, above my eyebrows, my cupids bow and chin.
  • To finish of my makeup look I used a nude lip liner from Rimmel and the Smashbox Lipstick in the shade “Honey” and any nude lipstick in the middle of my lip to give it a bigger lip effect.




My Every Go to Makeup Look

Bronzed Skin with a Dewy, Highlighted Finish 


Hi everyone, thank you so much for returning to my blog! I hope you are having a fantastic week so far.

I wanted to share my “Everyday Go to Makeup Look” with you as it’s suitable for anyone, its quick and easy and you can turn it into a night time look but adding more shadows and a deep lip!

My everyday go to makeup look is bronzed skin with a dewy, highlighted finish. I tend to go for this look because its easy, provides me with a bronzed look and it makes me feel all done up!


When I wake up in the morning’s I follow all the steps from my morning routine which is in one my previous blogs if you would like to have a look!

  • I moisturize my skin with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion in Very Dry to Combination skin.
  • I prep my skin by using Stila One Step Correct primer, this will reduce any discoloration in my skin for example redness.
    I do this by applying my primer to clean finger tips. You must ensure your hands are clean because you can spread bacteria around your face which can lead to acne.
    I apply this primer all over my face and let it sink in.
  • I then use my No7 Illuminator in the shade “Peach” all over my skin for a glow but mostly focusing it on the area’s we usually highlight.
    I did a review on this product a while ago, if you want to know more about it have a read!
  • While my primer is sinking into my face I like to prime my eyes by using a concealer this will give the lid of your eye a flawless base to work on and it also removes any discoloration and veins. I also apply concealer at the corner of my eye as its a dark area on everyone.
    I just grab a NYX HD Concealer in the shade 02 and pat it all over my eyes then following that with my Clinique Translucent Powder to set it into place. If you do not set your powder it will be tacky and your eye shadow colours wont blend seamlessly.
  • I then use any neutral colour as my transition shade or base colour, I like to use “Framed” which is a nude colour from the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette.After my transition shade I use a blending brush and the shade “Naked” from the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette and blend it through my crease keeping the colour low and then blending it in circular motions. I just do this for a bronzed effect.
    To add a bit more colour and dimension to my eyes and crease I then go in with the shade “Buck” from the same palette and go over the outer area of my crease again keeping the colour low down.

    If I lost some colour from my lid area I will go in again with the shade “Framed” from Vice 4, and pat it all over my lid.

    I finish my eyes after my eyebrows and foundation.

  • To fill in my brows, I firstly comb them through using my spooly and then fill them in using my Smashbox Brow Tech Trio in the shade Brunette.
    I follow the natural shape of my brow and then provide my brow with some more definition by enhancing my brow arch and I go in with a light hand as I do not like my eyebrows too dark.
  • If I feel my eyebrows didn’t shape too well I will put some concealer the same shade as I applied on my eye lid underneath and above the brow to give it a cleaner and more defined look, it will also improve the shape.
    Then I follow in with the shade “Virgin” from the Naked 1 Palette from earlier as my under brow highlight colour.
  • I then start my foundation, my foundation vary’s from week to week depending on whether or not I fake tanned or whether I need more or less coverage.In both pictures provided I am wearing No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in the shade “Wheat”.
    I apply this foundation, by firstly putting dots around my face 3-4 small dots on my cheek area, 3 on my forehead, 1 on my chin and 1 on my nose. If I feel I need more later on I will dot some more on.
    After dotting my foundation in the desired area’s I then go in with a Blank Canvas F20 brush, and pat and dab the foundation in my skin, I feel this technique works best for me as it makes the foundation blend easier, it looks more natural and provides the foundation with longer staying power. I like to blend my foundation down my neck so every where has a nice finish and is all the same colour.
  • After my foundation is applied all over my face I like to use the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade “Light“. I apply this concealer underneath my area by drawing lines, then to even out this light colour so its not just in one place I draw a line on my chin, bridge of my nose and on my forehead. This evens out the lightness and provides your skin with a highlighted look.
    I dab my under eye concealer in with my warm clean fingertips as I find it applies the best this way.I then set my under eye area and the other areas we have highlighted ONLY with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in “translucent“.
    I do not bake.
  • After I have set the highlighted areas I go back to my eyes.
    I apply the same two shades from my Naked Pallete under neath my lower lash line keeping it quite close to it.
    I highlight the inner corner of my eye by using the shade “Sin”  from the same palette to provide my eye with a highlighted look as its in a dark area.I use the Mineralize Multi Effect Lash by MAC in “charged black” on my top and bottom lashes.

    Now my eyes are complete.

  • I then bronze my skin using a Mac 135 Large Flat Powder Brush and my No7 Dual Bronzer. I focus on my cheek bones and along my hair line, making sure I’m not bringing my bronzer too far down.
    With whatever is left on my brush I tend to bring it under my jaw line for more definition.
  • As I do like a glowy, bronzed look, I like to use the blush shade “Margin” by Mac.
    This blush has a gorgeous bronzy colour in it with some highlighting particles running through. It gives your cheek a gorgeous colour.
  • For my highlight I use Smashbox Soft Lights, it is a pearly pink highlight, I put this on my cheek bones, tip of my nose, cupid’s bow, dust it above my eyebrows almost in the middle of my forehead and a small dust of it on my chin.
  • I then just line my lips with any nude lip liner, and then I use my Too Faced Melted Lipstick in the shade “Nude”. As it is extremely long lasting and not drying on my lips.
  • I sometimes spray my face with Mac Prep and Prime Fix Plus to give a dewier look.




I hope you liked my makeup look and please comment below for any looks you would like too see!! 

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the girl in your life.

Love, Hugs and Millions of Kisses!!


Valentine’s Day is nearly here and I designed a gift guide for that special girl in your life!

It is a special occasion and of course you want her face to light up so I hope you find something special in my guide!
Their is something big to small here and for god sake don’t forget the card!!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Girl in your life: 

A special scent for your girl: 

Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Toilette 90ml – €92 from


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum 50ml – €76


Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau De Parfum 50ml – €77.60


Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa Eau De Parfum 75ml – €92.50


For the girly girl in your life:


Victoria Secret Eyelash Lace Unlined Demi Bra €48.24 and Matching Pants for €22.05 at


Victoria Secret Limited Edition Fishnet and Lace Teddy €62.48 at
Victoria Secret Fantasies Body Sprays €16.65 each or and three sprays for €23.12 or 5 sprays for €32.37


Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette – €47 at
Charlotte Tilbury Miss 1975 Look – €230 at
Nails Inc Winter Wonderland €36 at
Tom Ford Mini Lip Colour set of 4 – €132 at


For the girl who loves luxuries:

Lily OBriens Valentines Day Gift Basket to treat, 6 collections 1158g – €52 from
Moet & Chandon NV Rose
Moet & Chandon NV Rose – €59 from
True Rose by Yankee Candle – €18.95 at 


For your love who adores all things sparkly:

Saint Laurent Monogram Crocodile Embossed Shoulder Bag €1,799.12 at
Return to Tiffany™:Mini Heart Tag Earrings
Tiffany & CO. Return to Tiffany mini heart tag earrings – €170 at
Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker Navy and Rose Dial Rose Bracelet Watch – €239
Michael Kors Astor Gold Plated Buckle Bangle – €119 at





My Morning Routine

Wake up hunny it’s time to Cleanse

I find it so hard to get up in the mornings just like everyone else, so I did find it hard to get myself into a morning routine. It is not one of the easiest routines to do and it does take time to see what works and what doesn’t.
Personally I don’t wear makeup during the week because I am still studying in college and I like to let my skin breathe so making my skin soft and glow is my objective.

I found for my dry skin this routine works wonders and leaves my skin hydrated, fresh feeling and more importantly it has a natural glow!

My Morning Routine: 

If I was in work during the weekend or if I was doing anything involving makeup, I most likely have left over make up still on my face. No matter how hard I tried the night before to remove it most likely still have a small amount left in my pores.

I start off by:

  • Grabbing a cotton wool pad, you can buy these in any chemist sad pouring some Clinique Clarifying Lotion in number 2 and I begin to clean my face.
    This without a doubt always removes my excess makeup, removes any flaking skin I have and removes all my oil which I tend to get around my nose.
  • I then go to my sink and splash cold water on my face to make myself more alert and refreshed while I grab my products to clean my face.


Depending on how my skin feels:


  • I will sometimes use Clinique seven day scrub cream rinse off formula.
    This contains gritty particles which will give your skin a good scrub. I find it works best when you rub it in yourself with your fingertips in circular motion in warm water.
  • If my skin doesn’t need to much deep cleaning I will just use my Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser mouse to clean my skin.
    I will use it with a facial brush I’ll use it in circular motions with warm water.
  • I will then splash cold water on my face to freshen it before I go in with my next product which is a cleanser.

After giving my skin a deep clean I want to make it soft and glow and to accomplish this here are my steps:


  • I use Angels on Bareskin by Lush.
    This is a mixture of lavender, almonds, kaolin to absorb grease, rose oil.
    This leaves me with a fresh feeling in my skin and leaves it glowing. I love how the almonds turn into almond milk and the lavender scent makes it so relaxing. I grab a pea sized amount into the palm of my hand then put warm water on my fingertips and rub it into the pea sized ball making it into a paste. I then rub it all over the area I want.
  • I then close all my pores with water I continue to splash it on my face.


My skin tends to get dry quick so I then start applying my face products.


  • I go in with Clinique Turnaround Concentrate in my T Zone area which in my opinions gives my skin a very soft feeling while covering my pores and lines, it gives almost a blur effect.
  • I next apply my Clinique all about eyes eye cream as my under eye area tends to be dry from eye products. It gives my eyes a very hydrated feeling.
  • If I have any blemishes I use my Clinique anti-blemish solutions gel which kills the head of the pimple and the route alongside any bacteria lingering in the area. It can make the area dry so then I follow in with my moisturiser.
  • I use Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion, according to your skin type you can get ones to suit you. Mine is designed for very dry to combination skin. It leaves my skin with a very hydrated feeling.

I’d love to hear a quick idea of your morning routine and any tips and tricks!!!

Comment below!



My January Beauty Favourites

After this long month I can finally tell you what my January beauty favourite’s are!!
I’m so happy to be able to tell you my honest opinion about these products, I have a mixture of high-end make up to drug store products.
I also want to tell you my go to skin care products, my favourite song and movie this month!

If I were you, I’d grab a pen and a piece of paper and grab these amazing products!
Also in the comments below please tell me your favourite’s this month.

I want to my favourites in order of how I apply them to my face:






My ride or die moisturizer has to be the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer Lotion, mine is designed for dry skin.
It comes in different formula’s depending on your skin type.
When I put a pump of it onto my fingers I then apply it all over my skin rubbing it in until it’s dry. I do see a different in my skin when I use it.
I’d recommend Clinique products to anyone who has sensitive skin as it is a fragrance free brand.
They carry products to suit almost anyone.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer 125ml €42 at






I tend to jump from primer to primer but I always need Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in my makeup bag. It’s my favourite formula for my skin and it makes my foundation go on so smoothly. It gives an almost airbrushed effect to my skin!!! The formula is very silky, oil free and it is amazing for blurring your fine lines and pores.
The primer contains a blend of Vitamins A and E, grapeseed extract and green tea.
I apply my primer after my moisturizer and before foundation.
You MUST always apply a primer with clean hands, if your hands are dirty your spreading bacteria on your face which can lead to breakouts.
I apply it on my fingertips and put it in areas I feel need it.
A primer is used to keep your foundation on longer and provide you with a flawless base which is suitable to your skin type.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer retails at €33

Skin Illuminator:





I’m so in love with the No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid I am in the shade “Peach”.

This is literally worth every penny !!!!!!
I wrote about it recently as a review where I left swatches of the product, I explained what it is and how to use it.
I apply this after my primer in areas I want to illuminate. It gives my skin the most gorgeous natural glow. I mostly push the product up and take the product off the brush and put it on my fingers as I feel it works better.
It is a gorgeous creamy product which contains light reflecting particles. I cannot do my makeup without this product it is a must have in my opinion.

No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid retails at €15






The No7 Stay Perfect Match Made Foundation.
I’m in the shade “Warm Beige” for my natural skin tone and “Wheat” is my tanning shade. I’m loving this foundation this month, I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks deciding whether or not it’s for me and believe me it is. I just wasn’t sure if I liked it from the old way I was applying it.
I used to apply it using a regular foundation brush but now I use a rounded flat foundation brush, this is what I think works best. A beauty blender would also work best as this can push the makeup in to your skin.
It provides you with a flawless base when you push the product into your skin, when I say this I mean pounce it on to your skin in dabbing motions with your brush.
It is a lightweight foundation with a medium to build able coverage. It evens out my skin tone perfectly and covers any of my imperfections. It is a 24 hour foundation and that is true, It does not flake on my dry skin this is a reason of why I love it.

No7 Stay Perfect Match Made Foundation retails for €20 at







I use the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand.
I use it in shade number 02 or 03, for brightening underneath my eyes and to cover some discoloration. When I apply it under my eyes I also put some on my chin and forehead and maybe I nose to even out the brightness.
It’s an excellent formula it’s creamy and lightweight and blends so easy!!
The colour matches are perfect and they come in a good range.
They are an excellent drugstore product, and should be in everyone’s makeup bag!!
Some people believe this concealer is a dupe for Urban Decay Weightless Skin Concealer and I think so too.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand retails at €7.99 in McCabes pharmacy.

Recently I bought the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.
It is a transparent powder which I apply underneath my eyes to set my concealer and also to brighten that area.
I’ve read underneath many reviews people love to use it to bake their face so I’ll have to try it soon!!
It does make my concealer last longer and it does not crease! It’s extremely light weight and it defiantly brightens my face.
Sometimes it can make my under eye area a bit dry but I can look past that because it’s a little bit dry. If I feel it’s dry I will go in with my Bobbi Brown eye cream.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder €42 at Brown Thomas

Currently I’m using the No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer.
One side is a darker shade and the other is lighter with some mild shimmer in it. I tend to just swirl my brush in both sides. It gives a gorgeous pay off and it makes you look sun kissed. The bronzer blends in so easily.

No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer retails at €16 at

This month I am literally loving the Baked Fusion in Soft Lights Baked Starburst by Smashbox Cosmetics, this is a wheel of different highlighting shades which are a mixture of pearls, golds, and bronze coloured highlights. Almost similar to a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.
I apply all powders after liquids, as you can’t put a liquid over a powder it just goes “cakey”. I put highlight on my upper cheek bones the bridge and tip of my nose, my cuspids bow and sometimes my forehead if I’m doing strobing.
It’s a gorgeous pay off for a highlighter.

This retails at €34 at

I love “Margin” by MAC Cosmetics.



It is a peachy brown colour with golden shimmers running through it. I think it’s a gorgeous blush all year round.

It blends easy and it is pigmented.

MAC Powder Blush at Brown Thomas retails at €24





I absolutely love the Smashbox Brow Tech Trio.
It comes in a variety of shades to match everybody, my shade is “Brunette” I also have the shade “Dark Brown”.
It comes with two brow colours one is lighter and ones is darker, it also comes with a wax to keep your brow hairs in place.
I firstly comb my brow through and then shape them with the darker shade, I fill them in with a mixture if each and then when their perfect I apply the wax.
It’s an excellent brow product which is easy to use.

Smashbox Brow Tech Trio, it retails at €21.50 at







I have been using the Naked (original) Palette religiously. It is the perfect everyday shadows it’s all bronzes and nudes.
It can be used for daytime to nighttime looks.
All the shadows compliment each other and blend seamlessly. They are highly pigmented and they come in matte and shimmer.
The palette comes with a brush and an eye primer which is excellent. After they included the sample of the primer I just had to buy the full size.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette retails at €47 at Debenhams.

Facial Cleanser:
I AM SO IN LOVE WITH Angels on Bare Skin by Lush. This cleanser is designed to brighten up your skin tone and it really has it makes me look so fresh all the time.
At first I found it hard to get it into the right paste but once I did I was flying at it, I think it’s an amazing product and it does exactly what it says on the tin!
I take a pea size amount and put it in the palm of my hand then I rub some warn water into it until it turns into the paste I needed. I then message into my skin I leave it more grainy for a more exfoliating consistency if I need a deep clean.
It’s an amazing product and I’m always going it buy it now!

Angels on Bare Skin retails at €8.95 for a small tub at Lush.

I also love the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for removing my makeup, it works as a makeup remover and a cleanser all in one.index
It says on the bottle it’s perfect for sensitive skin this is what caught my attention because my skin is extremely sensitive and get irritated so easily.
It removes my eye makeup so quickly without me having to pull my eye area too much. I will always repurchase this as it’s so worth the money.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water retails at €5.99 in
Songs and Movies of the Month:

I am still so in love with Justin Bieber this month and cannot get Justin Bieber Love Yourself in his Purpose Album out of my head!! Go listen if you haven’t heard it!!


My favourite movie this month has to be Ride Along 2 featuring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, I went to the cinema to see it with my boyfriend and I could not stop laughing it’s so worth the watch!!!
Please tell me all your favourite this month!!


Review – Urban Decay Vice 4 Pallete


I had my eye on the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette for months and finally my boyfriend picked up the hint and surprised me with it! It was literally love since first sight in the makeup world!

First of all, let’s address the packaging of the palette.
It comes in a black zip up makeup bag with a silver design. You can store your palette in this bag or use it for other products. 12630829_1084043204949442_878539735_o
The palette itself is in a dark purple casing. On the front is a design in an iridescent blue and green colour.




The inside of the palette contains a huge mirror, a double ended brush and 20 shadows.
The shadows are a mixture of matte’s, shimmers and iridescent shades. There is a mixture of everyday wearable shadows and more night time appropriate shades. This palette contains some brand new shades in the Urban Decay line.

The pigmentation of the shadows is excellent, when applying with your finger or a brush! Although some of the shimmery shades don’t go on that pigmented when using a brush so it’s best to go over them with your finger by12620594_1084043254949437_101137346_o dabbing it on. If you spray some Mac Fix Plus on your brush the colour payoff is even better, and trust me I didn’t think it could get better! Personally my favourite colours in the palette are Bitter, Flame, Underhand and 1985.
I love how this palette was created, because most of the shadows complement each other.
You can do many different looks by using the one palette. This is why I think it’s perfect. It is a staple in your makeup collection in my opinion.




Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette retails for €49, and you can find it in Debenhams, House of Frasier and online.
A little tip, adding an eyeshadow primer will make your eyeshadow go on easier, make it last long and make the shadows more pigmented. After applying an eyeshadow base apply a transition colour in the crease, usually a soft brown this will ensure all the eyeshadows blend seamlessly.

I rate this palette as 4/5. Tell me your opinions in the comments below and tell me your favourite palette and I’ll try it for myself!!



My Date Night Outfit

Date Night Outfit Guide


So your going on a date with your other half or its your first date, you want to look jaw dropping good regardless!

I know when I go on dates I like to make an impression. Looking good literally makes me feel good and a compliment doesn’t go a miss!

Were not even a month into 2016 and all I have seen is nude, khaki and stoned beige so why not go with the trend!
I’m so in love with Khaki clothes at the moment! You can incorporate khaki into any outfit.

Here is my go to look for a date night and I’ve worn a similar style recently. I’ve listed all products below along side their prices and product codes.



I chose to pick a black lace top, because its simple yet sexy.

This one is from Missguided ( 


Missguided Disk Crotchet Long Sleeve Crop Top in Black (also comes in white)
Product Number – T7301485
Price – €35

top 2
Missguided Disk Crotchet Long Sleeve Crop Top €35



I chose this black Topshop bomber jacket because it dresses the jacket down. This jacket is a must have staple in everyone’s wardrobe. It is a celebrity favourite jacket especially by Kylie Jenner.

Topshop Petite MA1 Bomber Jacket – Black. €76

Topshop Petite MA1 Bomber Jacket – Black

Product code – 26E08IBLK

Price – €76







These Khaki green jeans are to die for from RiverIsland (

The super skinny fit, biker styled jeans are a bargain for €55!
They have biker styled panels, gold button to fasten and gold zip detailing on the legs of the jeans on either side.

Khaki Biker Amelie Superskinny Jeans – €55


Khaki biker Amelie Superskinny Jeans

Product Code – 679820

Price – €55










Lace up detailing or shoes with bars are very popular this year! They are stunning. I chose to match a heel and a boot with this option to dress the outfit up or down.

The heel option is from RiverIsland ( 

Black Lace up Shoe Boots.
The come with lace up detailing with gold detailing on the side, a rounded toe and an 11cm heel.

heels side
Black Lace up Shoe Boots – €95


Product number – 677891

Price – €95

heels front









The second shoe option for dressing the outfit down is a boot.

These are black heeled chelsea styled boots from Topshop.

These are HOLLY ’70s Chunky Ankle Boots

HOLLY ’70s Chunky Ankle Boots – €98

Product number – 26EO8IBLK

Price – €98







I chose a simple gold hooped earring with a twisted detail.
I think gold hoops should be in everyone’s collection, they go with absolutely everything.

These are from Forever21 (

earrings plain
Forever21  Twisted Hoop Earrings – €6

Forever 21 Twisted Hoop Earrings

Product number – 100187475

Price – €6




Review – No7 Skin Illuminator Radiance Boosting Beauty Fluid.



If you love a glow and a dewy finish on your makeup you are going to be all about that No7 Skin Illuminator life!!
This is a MUST have in your makeup collection as you can use the illuminator before foundation, mixed in with your foundation or a very small amount dabbed on your cheek bones after the foundation was applied if you did that you can apply a powder highlight over it for a more intense look.




This is my beauty must have, I purchased my illuminator from Boots Liffeyvalley Shopping Centre, in July of 2015 and loved the dewy finish it provided to my makeup. It is €15 and it is worth every penny of it!
I love the illuminator because of the payoff it gives to your makeup look.
The tube of highlight comes with a brush attached, this is where the product comes out from, and it’s extremely easy to use. It’s a gorgeous creamy product filled with light reflecting particles.
The illuminator comes in two shades, Peach and Pink.
I prefer the shade peach for my skin tone.
The no7 skin illuminator makes a difference to my foundation application.


Here is a step by step guide on how to use the skin illuminator:

Step one:
Shake the tube before use. This will make it easier for the creamy liquid to come out.

Step two:
Turn the neck of the tube to the position ON, and then gently squeeze out a small amount of the illuminator and wipe the access on the back of your hand.

Step three:
Dab the product or apply it using the brush to the areas of your face you want to highlight or mix the illuminator straight into your liquid foundation.  Turn the neck of the tube to the OFF position.

Where to apply highlight if you only want in certain areas:
Apply highlight to your upper part of your cheekbones, your temples, bridge of your nose and tip, your cupids bow and chin.

Step four: Clean the brush after use by wiping it with a clean tissue. Do not use water!




I ensure you this is a fantastic product for makeup application and I hope you try it soon!

Tell me your experience with this No7 product  in the comments below, and I would also love to know if you have used any other products which provide a glow.